Why do we pass out candy on Halloween?


To learn the real reason why people pass out candy on Halloween, one would need to study the origins of the holiday all the way back to the middle ages. In the middle ages poor people would beg for food in exchange for prayers for the dead on All Saints Day. Some say the food was left out on the front step as offerings to the dead who wander the streets trying to return home. The belief was that the spirits would get angry and haunt their loved ones if this offering was not made. Similarly, today candy is given out to ward off tricks.
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we give candy out because in the old days they say the spirits would rise from the dead so they would not harm them they would leave food outside as a piece offering as time went
It is the same reason we love: - candy canes at Christmas time or.. - Cadbury filled eggs at Easter or - heart shaped boxes of chocolate on Valentine's day : ) For each different
two years in a row i wore a mask and stuffed some old clothes I had and put a sign around my neck that said take one please and pretended I was just a decoration and I would scare
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