Why Does It Snow?


Snow occurs when cold temperatures transform the water vapour in the atmosphere into the solid state of ice directly without first going through the liquid stage. As soon as the temperature rises up again, the snow melts back into liquid water.
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Of course snow forms in places away from mountains. What it takes are just 3 things: small droplets of water, a nucleus for the droplets to cling to, and temperature low enough.
A snow globe is a decoration or souvenir that has been a collector's item for more than 100 years. Inside the clear glass or hard plastic bubble, a scene or object is surrounded by
As airflow causes water vapor to circulate in clouds, the water can get colder and, depending on the climate, may eventually freeze. Snow is actually many ice crystals accumulated
Greatly increased air pressure and temperature from lightning cause thunder to make noise. As lightning returns from the ground to the clouds, it superheats the air to nearly 50,000
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Snow forms when water vapor condenses and freezes into ice crystals. As the ice crystals fall from the clouds, they melt and then refreeze. This creates larger ice crystals which produce fluffy snow.
It snows because of the cold air freezing the water vapor in the atmosphere. The cold air freezes water vapor in clouds as well. It turns them into ice crystals.
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