Why does my Car Fuse Keep Blowing?


The main reason a car fuse blows is because it's overloaded. To determine why your car fuse keeps blowing, first pinpoint which one it is by looking in the schematics inside the fuse panel. You can then pinpoint the faulty device.
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Blown fuses generally indicate a short in the wiring. Sometimes the component that the wire is going to is shorting out. If the specs call for a certain rating of fuse, say 15 amps
If it the fuse for your fuel pump chances are your fuel pump is on it's way out. When they are getting bad they tend to draw large amounts of voltage thus blow the fuse. Do you have
A fuse usually is installed in an electric circuit to protect the components in case something goes bad. A blown fuse indicates just such a problem. A fuse that blows when inserted
It could be a wire grounding out somewhere but it could be an ECU
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Why Does My Car Amp Keep Blowing Fuses?
If the amp fuse keeps blowing, the power wire--the wire that goes to the battery or a hot connection--may be grounding out. That fuse exists for just this purpose--to blow before the internals of the amplifier become ruined. It is made to fail so that... More »
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Your car fuse keeps blowing because there is something wrong and that is what a fuse blowing is about. It could be your grounding wire is damaged. Check it out.
There are a couple possible reasons your car fuse may be blowing. The first is that there is a short in the wiring causing the fuse to overload. Secondly, the fuse itself may not be the proper amperage for the circuit.
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