Why does my stomach hurt when I drink alcohol?


Alcohol consumption can cause many conditions that lead to stomach pain, including alcohol intolerance, pancreas inflammation, epithelial lining damage, peptic ulcers, chronic cholecystitis, bowel obstruction and gastritis. Drinking too much alcohol may trigger causes, such as stomach inflammation and gastritis, that lead to ulceration of the stomach lining and eventually severe stomach cramping, pain, and sometimes acute bleeding.

New Health Guide explains that alcohol intolerance inhibits the body from digesting alcohol, which means it hinders the small intestine's ability to digest the alcohol toxins, and that leads to stomach pain. Too much alcohol may also damage the epithelial lining, which results in the inflammation that triggers stomach cramps and pain. New Health Guide explains that gastritis occurs with excessive consumption of alcohol that irritates the stomach walls. Not only does this lead to pain, but it may also lead to other symptoms including bleeding and inflammation.

MDHealth states that alcohol consumption can lead to inflammation of the pancreas, which results in severe abdominal pain as well as nausea and vomiting. Inflammatory bowel disease, which triggers abdominal discomfort and diarrhea, can be another consequence of chronic alcoholism. MDHealth also notes that alcoholism may cause liver damage or alcoholic liver disease, which may cause liver enlargement, inflammation and abdominal pain.

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