Why Does My Toilet Whistle?


When your toilet starts to make a whistle sound, this can often come from pressurized air coming through the pipes. The best way to fix this is to turn down the water pressure on the valve behind the toilet. You may want to turn the water pressure off completely, then slowly turn it back on to the point the toilet doe snot whistle any longer. There will still be enough water speed, but it will not push the air into the openings as much.
Q&A Related to "Why Does My Toilet Whistle?"
1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Remove the toilet tank lid and set it aside in a safe location. Locate the filler valve assembly, which is usually found on the left side
High pressure and low volume .Probably the water gasket has a piece of crud in it. Turn water off at valve . Push down on middle of water supply nozzle under the back tank . Twist
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Usually the water filling up the flush valve in the tank. If it's bugging you, you can change the flush valve to a new one.
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