Why does White Smoke Comes from my Exhaust Pipe?


Any smoke coming from your car's exhaust is a cause for you to get your vehicle checked. White smoke generally reflect moisture in the exhaust system. This could be caused by a faulty or worn head gasket. Your engine cooling system carries the water and coolant to regulate the engine's temperature. It is also the only place water is supposed to be within your engine. When this moisture crosses into other areas of the car's systems, you need to be aware of the cause before it becomes a concern.
1 Additional Answer
White smoke coming from your car on a chilly morning is strictly steam and can be ignored. White smoke during normal driving means you have oil getting into the chambers through the valves or a cracked head gasket. If this is the case then a trip to a mechanic will let you know the exact issue. Rich fuel will burn black or dark gray so this would be an oil issue somewhere in the combustion chamber.
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