Why is Alexander Hamilton on the 10 dollar bill?


The reason why Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill is because he was the first US Secretary of the Treasury. He held this office from 1789 to 1795. He is one of only two people to be featured on any US currency that were not ever president, the other being Benjamin Franklin. Hamilton is also one of only four people featured on any US paper money that was not born in the US. Alexander Hamilton was born in the West Indies. The image is taken from an 1805 portrait of him by John Trumbull.
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He Was The First Secretary Of The Treasury.
Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of Treasury and helped
This is from the Treasury website: "As with our nation's coinage, the Secretary of the Treasury usually selects the designs shown on United States currency. Unless specified
Hamilton faces left on the $10 bill because it's a replica of John Trumbull's 1805 portrait of him!
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