Why is brand image important?


Brand image provides a company or organization with a strong identity by strategically using words, images and symbols. Brand identity is key to standing out and being noticed in a crowded marketplace. A successful brand image is immediately identifiable by consumers.

Brand image is important for establishing a memorable identity within the context of advertising and marketing. Brands engage, enlighten and educate consumers about what to expect when purchasing products and services. Similarly, nonprofit organizations and individuals experience the same benefits when using brand image to gain wider recognition.

Consumers tend to give more weight to products and services connected to a strong brand identity. This provides the brand with enormous credibility, which leads to increased consumer trust.

Companies often use brand image to target specific demographic groups of consumers. Companies have researched these consumers and understand what they want. Brand image often coincides with consumer lifestyles and preferences. Consumer research information is used in creating advertising and promotions that appeal to these groups. The brand helps to make a connection with consumers and win their loyalty.

Brand image includes a strong message. This message may be enhanced with a tag line that features the company logo. "Have a Coke and a smile," is an example of memorable brand image messaging.

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