Why is Bribery Unethical?


Bribery is unethical because it makes people do things they probably wouldn't normally do for personal gain. Whether it's money or other favors, it's wrong to use coercion to get what you want.
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Yes. Added: Primarily because it is a violation of both state and federal laws. Simply put, paying someone in authority to do something illegal or unethical for you, is a crime.
Bribery would be considered things such as paying off a judge or an officer of the law to be in your favor that, is considered bribery .but when you give a lawyer a large sum of money
In its most basic form, plagiarism is passing off another's work as one's own. For instance, if you write a paper, copy others' words and findings and do not provide a reference for
the united states supreme court has ruled that money is speech. so why in the world would bribery be illegal? how in the world COULD bribery be legal given the premise? wouldn't
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Bribery is unethical because it creates a result in a way that is not straightforward and honest. Getting someone to do something for you that they would not do ordinarily and then giving them money or a service for doing so is just wrong. Earn the assistance the right way and get it from people who are happy to give it without compensation.
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