Why Is It Called a Medicine Ball?


It is called medicine ball because it ensures good health for the user. The term was first used in English literature in 1895 when the word 'medicine' and 'health' meant the same thing. For its health value, it was thus called 'medicine ball'.
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The term medicine ball goes back to their use on transatlantic ships during World
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicine_ball In the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, the words "health" and "medicine" were synonymous. The so-called
"Medicine" doesn't just refer to pills and potions. It also describes anything that promotes health. It's in this sense of the word that people say a doctor is "practicing
iv,e read somewhere that the word medicine applies to during the WW1 when it was used to build up fitness of injured soldiers it was used by the nurses to tease the injured, saying
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Why Do They Call it a Medicine Ball?
Although a more creative moniker might make the medicine ball a bit more appealing in the advertising world, the unpretentious designation is actually quite appropriate for the simple piece of exercise equipment. Although the exact origin of the name... More »
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