Why is parental guidance important?


Parents have a primary role in modeling effective attitudes and behaviors and in directing their children toward structured, healthy activities. One of the most important ways a parent guides a child's path is by providing the child with attention and making the child feel important and valued, according to PBS.

Children do not have the experience, development or resources to make important decisions at an early age. Parents bear the responsibility of encouraging education and extracurricular activities, which contribute to mental, emotional and psychological development. Parents also guide children away from danger, too much television, sedentary living and foods that are too unhealthy.

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The guidance approach is based on the belief that every child has the capacity for both good and evil. The role of the educator is not to punish the child to keep him away from wrongdoing
Because without guidance, there would be nothing to guide anybody.
As a proud mom and Positive Parenting Advocate, I interact with moms worldwide discussing the critical role parents have in their children's lives, as well as the urgent responsibility
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