Why Is a Psychologist Called a Shrink?


The reason why a psychologist is sometimes called a shrink is said to be due to the phrase having been coined by the author Thomas Pynchon. He used it in his book The Crying of Lot 49, which was published in 1966. It is thought the word came from the term for a psychologist, headshrinker. This came about from the primitive tribal practice of shrinking the head of an enemy. Also, some people experience the feeling of their brain seeming like it is swollen when they are badly depressed, which may have been part of the history of the word usage.
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"The term 'shrink' to refer to psychologists supposedly was coined by author Thomas Pynchon in his book. The Crying of Lot 49. published in 1966. Most likely it came from the
This is a complicated story of imagery. When the field of psychology first came to the public notice in a substantial way, a common view of the process was that a psychologist would
The name shrink came about from a comparison between psychiatrists and
They simplify your life into understandable, although not always accurate, terms. They're shrinking your life.
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