How are Polar Bears Endangered?


Polar bears become endangered when there is a shift in the climate of their natural habitat due to the condition known as global warming.
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Polar bears are threatened by habit destruction due to global warming. Sea ice provides them with homes and with hunting grounds, and as it melts they must travel further north in search of food.
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1. Steer clear of buying any products that have been made using a polar bear and at no time join in a polar bear hunt unless it is a controlled traditional harvest. Illegal hunting,
because they can not find food so they die from hunger. not sure.
The estimate being used by biologists currently is between 20,000 and 25,000 total
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Polar bears are endangered because of man's extreme hunting for their hide, tendons, fat and flesh. Rapid loss of sea ice is actually the major threat of polar ...
The polar bear is endangered due to climatic changes; increase in temperature in the Arctic regions due to global warming resulting to the melting of ice. These ...
Polar bears aren't on the endangered list yet. It is thought that in the future with global warming that this is when they will be having problems. They are being ...
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