Why was Theodore Roosevelt Nicknamed Trust Buster?


Theodore Roosevelt was nicknamed the Trust Buster for several reasons. He believed in countering trusts, with government regulation and rules. This would curtail oil, gas and financial monopolies by companies.
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In 1902, Roosevelt's administration forced the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railroads to end their alliance. This was one of the most significant moves against monopoly power
People thought Roosevelt broke his word on conservation when he
Roosevelt hated trusts and spent much time trying to eliminate them. Theodore Roosevelt was a skillful mediator. In addition to mediating labor strikes such as the 1902 Coal Strike,
It was the first Federal statute
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Theodore Roosevelt was nicknamed 'Trust Buster' because of a law he enacted called the Sherman Antitrust Act which made monopolies illegal. For instance, it stopped J.P. Morgan's company from completely taking control of the railroad industry. You can find more information here: www.ushistory.org
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