What is an Answer Wiki on Quora?


Wiki is one of the most exciting under-utilized features on Quora. It is a way to consolidate and summarize a collection of individual answers into a single consensus answer that anyone can edit. It's the Quora equivalent of a Wikipedia listing,
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WikiAnswers is an ad-supported wiki-based website where users can submit and answer questions.This site allows users to post and edit questions and answers. WikiAnswers.com uses wiki technology and fundamentals… More>>
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WikiAnswers. WikiAnswers is a cooperatively grown database of questions and answers from visitors like you. It is one way that Answers.com brings you answers about anything. WikiAnswers
1 Go to WikiAnswers ' website. If you're not wanting to make an account, that's perfectly fine; you can do a lot of what you'd do with an account as an anonymous user. Ad 2 Search
1. Go to the WikiAnswers website in your browser window. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Sitemap" link. On the next page, go to the bottom and click "
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