Where is the serial number on a Winchester 67?


There probably isn't one. Lower priced guns didn't carry a serial number because the equipment to sequentially number them would add too much to the cost. The Fed finally forced the gun makers to number all firearms in the 50's.
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How to Search for the History of a Gun With a Winchester Shotgun Serial Number
Searching for the year, make, model and history of your Winchester rifle should be done through a professional gun dealer. Locate your serial number by looking for the listed numbers on the left-hand side of the gun, above the trigger.... More »
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1. Look just above the trigger (usually on the left side of the gun) to locate the serial number. 2. There are several magazines devoted to the sport of guns and gun collecting (see
The serial number for the Sims is very important. This number is used to gain full access to the game. Without this you would not be able to complete installation.
Very late in the month of August 1908. Bert H.
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Serial numbers on Winchester guns can not be looked up online. Normally, these numbers are located on the side of the gun. If it has been destroyed, it is best ...
Serial numbers are required by the law to be stamped on each and every gun, including Winchester rifles. These serial numbers help track where the gun was made ...
The Winchester 1897 was produced between 1898 and 1958. The serial numbers were used to keep track of each gun produced. The age of the gun can be determined by ...
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