How do you sign in to Windows Live mail?


Mail from a Windows Live account can be checked using any computer that is connected to the Internet. The sign in page can be accessed by using the web address. The user name or email address is typed in to the first box. Then the password associated with the account is typed in to the second box. After this information is typed in, press the sign in button. If the information is correct, access to the email account will be granted.
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1. Press "Windows-X" and select "Control Panel" from the Power User menu to open the Control Panel. 2. Select the "Category" view from the "View
1 Go to the Windows Live log in page . Press "Sign Up." Ad 2 Enter the required information. Note that if you have a Hotmail , Messenger , or Xbox LIVE ID then you already
From the contacts page, you can select "manage" and then select an option to clean your contacts and remove duplicates. . Thank you for using Hotmail.
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