What is an example of a four-stanza poem?


A 4 stanza poem is defined as a a group of words or lines inset within a larger poem. It can also be described as a section or verse from the larger poem. The verse or section of poem can vary from two to eight full sentences, depending on the length of the larger poem. The length of the 4 stanza poem is pretty consistent throughout the entire larger poem. An example of a 4 stanza poem would be a poem that includes four sets of lines. An example of a 4 stanza poem is, 'First time. I'm nervous and unknowing. What happened? After my last class of the day, going into a weekend. I could have saved myself then. But I didn't.'
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Template: 1st line: Description. 2nd line: what it or they do. 3rd line: why it or they represent. Example: Summer, sunny and hot. shines down to on you like an oven. and shows the
In poetry, a stanza is a unit within a larger poem, typically
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