How do you write a letter for not renewing a lease for an apartment?


If one is planning on not renewing a lease for an apartment, they should let their landlord know. If they have already decided on a day they wish to move, they might also choose to give their notice as well at this point. Some landlords will give the option of leasing an apartment on a month-to-month basis where one does not need to sign a new lease, but they will pay more on the monthly rent. A letter sent to the landlord should include a date planned for move out as well as a date to complete a walk through.
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1. Review the existing lease and read the lease renewal procedure. This information will vary depending on the property. Pay close attention to renewal deadlines and rent price changes
Dear Apartment Manager, I will be renewing my lease.Hannah.
The last day of the lease.
Not Legal Advice: In W. Virginia, one must notify the landlord if staying after lease expiration. You can't be evicted without the proper legal processing. report this answer. Updated
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