A List of Biotic Factors of a Coral Reef?


Living things are the most important of all factors in a coral reef. Such as parasites, animals, and of course; plants. As long as something is alive there will be Biotic Factors of a Coral Reef around.
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There are many biotic factors in a coral reef.
One example is zooxanthellae (algae living inside the coral) The
Think. biotic means life, and abiotic means without life.
Biotic Factors In coral reefs there are lots of: Sponges Corals & Anemones Crustaceans ( crabs, shrimp lobsters) Echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumbers, and sea urc
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Biotic factors are what shape an ecosystem. Each biotic factor impacts another organism. Biotic factors are all living things. Humans are on the list of biotic ...
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