What are the FedEx employee discounts?


FedEx employees can get up to 25 percent off on domestic shipping. They receive discounts on FedEX Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2Day and Express Saver shipping. In addition to their in-house discounts, FedEx employees also receive employee discounts through some third-party companies that have relationships with all kinds of vendors.

A company called Corporate Shopping offers discounts to FedEx employees as well as to employees from a range of other corporations including Kroger Foods, Mattel, Citibank and hundreds of others. Employees who sign up for discounts through Corporate Shopping receive a variety of constantly changing discounts. For example, they may be able to buy $25 worth of restaurant gifts certificates for only $5 each, or they may be able to save 30 percent at J. Crew or 5 percent on hotels booked through Orbitz.

FedEx also has a relationship with a company called LifeCare. Through LifeCare, FedEx employees can receive discounts at all kinds of stores as well as discounts on child care, legal services, pet care and even health care.

Companies like LifeCare and Corporate Shopping partner with companies like FedEx to promote improved employee life and higher retention rates. Without companies like these, FedEx would only be able to offer discounts on shipping.

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