How do you come up with funny "most likely" awards?


To come up with funny "most likely" awards, take some time to think about the personalities of the people being awarded. Then, create larger-than-life future scenarios that poke gentle fun at one aspect of each person's personality.

The best type of "most likely" award includes the following components: first, it reflects an aspect of someone's personality with which everyone in the audience is familiar. Second, it presents an outsized scenario related to that personality aspect. Third, it invites the audience to laugh with, not laugh at, the recipient.

A person who is extremely active in student government might receive a "most likely to become President of the United States" award. This is a larger-than-life scenario that touches on a key component of the recipient's personality and pokes gentle fun at the recipient's passion for student government.

People can add an extra element of humor by building punchlines on top of each other. First, people give the person who is active in student government the "most likely to become President" award. Then, they give that person's boyfriend the "most likely to marry the President" award. Lastly, they give that person's student government rival the "most likely to impeach the President" award. Connecting "most likely" punchlines to each other helps add an extra level of humor to the celebration.

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