What Are Some Funny Most Likely Awards?


There are many funny awards that can be given with 'Most Likely' titles. It may be helpful to write down many ideas that you think of, based on the theme and context of the awards. 'Most Likely' awards can be endearing or highly general, depending on how well you know the person. It may be helpful to consider if the award will be appropriate and received well by others.
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Most Likely To Ideas for Yearbooks
A school yearbook serves as a reminder of your school days for years to come. A yearbook always contains pictures of each student and faculty member, as well as group photos of clubs and sports activities. Make your yearbook more memorable and lively by... More »
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Here are funny Most Likely awards: Most Likely to have 7 ex-wives by the 10
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Most Likely To awards are awards given to people who have shown improvement or excellence in a subject. In high school there is the most likely to succeed award ...
Most Likely to awards are standard in school yearbooks. Some good 'Most Likely awards are: be President, land in jail, be on most wanted posters, be in a rock ...
The blacklist was literally a used compiled with names or groups of people who were to be boycotted by the public. In the past, the Nazi's blacklisted books they ...
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