How to Make Faces with Text Message Symbols?


You can make faces in text messages with the various punctuation choices given to you. For example, choosing a colon, then one side of a parentheses gives you a smiley face. :) You can make this sad by using the other sign from the parentheses set :(. You can make this angry sad by adding an arrow > :(
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1. Type a colon " and a lowercase "p" to create a smiley face that is sticking its tongue out. Press "Enter" or "Send" to send this emoticon to
The " can be used in texting to mean "I have a question" or "I
:) :d ;) =) =d :* =* :$ :o =o :^) :p =p :# =#.
I made a list like that. The first page is. If you copy the unicode, you will have to remove a space that gets put in. ∠°)
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