A Map of Leif Ericson Journey?


Leif Eriksson's voyage started in Iceland, went around the tip of Greenland, and then down the east coast of North America. Leif Eriksson called North America 'Vineland' because there were so many grape vines. He actually spent the summer in North America during his journey. Eriksson was the first European to land in North America almost 500 years before Christopher Columbus. There are maps of his journey available on many websites as well as many encyclopedias.
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He had a crew of 35 men.
29 years for all.
There are several maps about Vikings and Leif Ericson and there respective voyages. Most recently, in 2000, National Geographic published a map entitled "Millennium in Maps:
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was a Viking and he was born circa 970. Leif Ericson made a journey to North America 500 years before Christopher Colombus had been born. Stories of Leif Ericson ...
Leif Ericson made his voyage to the Americas by himself with a crew of 35 men. He was the first European to discover North America. ...
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