A Skeletal Muscle Twitch Differs from a Tetanic Contraction in That?


The main difference between a skeletal muscle twitch and tetanic contraction is that twitch occurs only momentarily while tetanic contraction occurs in a prolonged and steady state. Muscle twitch are often experienced in the eye and calf muscle but tetanic contraction are often experienced in serious medical conditions like tetanus. The contractions in muscle twitch are also light while tetanic contraction is characterized by strong contractions.
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A twitch is n involuntary muscle contraction or shorting where the muscle tightens and releases usually quickly and tetanic is a continued or sustained twitch.
Skeletal muscle contraction is voluntary.
Skeletal muscle is under voluntary control, e.g. your biceps, leg muscles. These are the muscles you can control to do what *you* want. Smooth muscle is generally located around your
Structural Differences. Important structural differences between skeletal muscle fibers and cardiac muscle cells include the following: The T tubules in a cardiac muscle cell are
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