How can you fold up an Ab Lounge 2 for storage?


The Ab Lounge 2 doesn't fold up easily for storage. You have to remove some bolts and remove the legs in order to fold it up. The owners manual will help you see how this is done. 
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1. Remove all Ab Lounge parts from their box and put them on the floor, and read over the included instruction manual to familiarize yourself with these parts. 2. Take the body of
One can purchase the Ab Lounge 2 abdominal exerciser online at eBay, Amazon, and Six Pack Now. Sears, Target, and Walmart may also offer them, depending on location.
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Step 1 - To perform a basic jackknife abdominal curl on your Ab Lounge 2, lie face up on the machine with bent knees and your feet on the foot rest.
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