How can you use the Ab Lounge Ultra?


A person can use the AB lounge Ultra by warming up for 20 minutes. AB Lounge Ultra instruction manual also requires leaning back in a comfortable position. The intensity of the workout should increase over time.
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1. Warm-up for 20 minutes doing stretching exercises and low impact aerobics, to avoid injury. Walking at a medium pace for 10 minutes is a good low impact aerobics option. When stretching
There are many places where one could purchase a Fitness Quest Ab Lounge Ultra. One could purchase this ab lounge from online shops such as Amazon or eBay.
Bed, Bath and Beyond. CVS. Walgreens. Target. ShopRite. All of these carry the "as seen on TV things"
You might be able to find used ones on eBay. I modified my lounge to use generic bungie cords. Much cheaper solution and it seems to work great.
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The Ab Lounge 2 doesn't fold up easily for storage. You have to remove some bolts and remove the legs in order to fold it up. The owners manual will help you see ...
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