How to Locate Abandoned Buildings?


A person can locate abandoned buildings by checking with local Realtor s and/or the property department at the court house. Another way, to find these buildings is to go hiking or driving around and spot property that seems to be abandoned. Sometimes, these abandoned buildings may be listed for sale in the local papers.
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1. Find out who owns the abandoned building if possible, and get permission before entering. You can find out who owns a building from the county assessor's office if you know the
1 Find an abandoned building. It doesn't matter how drab or plain it looks. It could be the rustiest, dustiest, most run-down house of the west, or a clean, recently-abandoned place
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In order to buy an abandoned building you need to find out who owns it. If you have already found a property you like visit the County Clerk's office. You will ...
When looking for abandoned buildings, potential purchasers should make sure their financial situation is up to par and financing is pre-arranged, if necessary. ...
Many abandoned buildings are actually bank-owned. When a person sees a building possibly abandoned, checking the address against local county tax assessor information ...
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