What is the name of the abandoned insane asylum in Downey, California?


The abandoned insane asylum in the town of Downey was the Hollydale Mental Hospital, once part of the Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, which has since relocated. The facility was abandoned in the 1980s and, aside from being the site of brief U.S. Marine training in 2006, has remained vacant since.

Today, the facility remains boarded up and overgrown by trees and other brush. "No Trespassing" signs surround the entire complex of abandoned buildings, now the home to stray cats and other critters. Rumored to be the site of a grisly murder and haunted, it remains a destination of thrill-seekers brave enough to enter.

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It's just a section of Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center. Trust me it's not haunted.
The Downey Insane Asylum is behind the Downey Court House just off of Imperial Highway, Right next to the Pabres Los Amigos Center.
The abandoned asylum in Downey California has had a few
because supposably there was an outbreak of a air borne virus, my friend's grandpa's cousin killed himself in there so that's how we know cause the state of California had to keep
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