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The abbreviation for the word emergency is emer. The Federal Government and FEMA also has their own list of certain abbreviations and acronyms they use within the emergency management, federal government, and first response teams. This includes such abbreviations as the following: AAA (American Ambulance Association), AAPA (American Association of Port Authorities), ACO (Animal Control Officer), AOA (Administration on Aging), AP (Aerial Port), and APL (Annex Planning Leaders). These abbreviations makes it easier when people are filing out paperwork.
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abbreviation for emergency is emer.
EMTis the abbreviation meaning emergency medical technician.
That would be. FEMA. which stands for the. F. ederal. E. mergency. M. anagement. A. gency.
cardio pulmonary recussitation.
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em-tal'ă Abbreviation for Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act. ...
Abbreviation for electronic medical record; emergency medical responder. ...
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