What is the abbreviation for "lawyer"?


For "lawyer," there are a few common abbreviations; while the word "lawyer" itself is seldom directly abbreviated, "Esq.," "J.D." and "atty." are all abbreviations that are commonly used and are synonymously with "lawyer." These abbreviations have different origins, and they are used in different contexts.

"Esq." is an abbreviation of the word "esquire." It originated as a general title of respect for a male, but it is now used in the United States as a title for male and female lawyers alike. "J.D." is an abbreviation of "Juris Doctor," the degree one earns upon completion of law school. It is sometimes used informally in sentences such as "One should talk to a J.D. for help with legal problems of this magnitude" as a metonym for a lawyer. "Atty." is simply an abbreviation for "attorney," which is synonymous with "lawyer."

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No direct abbreviation for lawyer. "Atty. is an abbreviation for "attorney. esq.
Generally, a lawyer (or attorney) will have ESQ (esquire) after their name to
Originally the feudal rank below knight, sense broadened 16th century to a general title of courtesy or respect for the educated class. The term Esquire was then carried over from
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