What is an abbreviation for the left ear?


The abbreviation for the left ear that is used in most prescriptions is a.s. The letters a.s. stand for auris sinister, which is Latin for left ear. The abbreviation for the right ear is a.d. These letters stand for auris dexter, which is Latin for right ear. when the abbreviation a.u. is used in prescriptions, it means each ear. Occasionally, the abbreviation a.l. is used for the left ear. The abbreviation a.l. stands for aurix laevus, which also means left ear.
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AS is Left ear AD is right ear. and. AU is both ears.
A.S. is the Latin abbreviation for left ear. A.D. is the abbreviation for
Left Eye. The medical abbreviation for "left eye" is o.s. This stands for "oculus sinister". In Latin, "oculus" means eye, and "sinister" means
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