What is the abbreviation for "national"?


The abbreviation for national is nat'l. An abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. It usually consist of a letter or more taken from the word or phrase. They are not the same as contractions or acronyms. Abbreviations have been used for long time. Over the years, the punctuation for abbreviations has changed. The only rule when choosing an abbreviation is to be consistent and make it easier. To make it plural, just add an 's' at the end.
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'UN' is the abbreviation for United Nations. Keep
I'm pretty sure either one is acceptable - just like you can abbreviate The United States of America as USA or U.S.A. - as long as it's capitalized the periods don't really matter.
The abbreviations are: USPS, Rodeo Dr., Old Post Rd., 5th Ave., NCAA Ask us all about abbreviations!
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