What is the abbreviation for "received"?


The primary abbreviation for "received" is "recd," written "rec'd," though there are many other abbreviations commonly used to shorten this word. Another common abbreviation for received is "recv'd".

There are several different ways to abbreviate the word received, with rec'd being the most commonly used and accepted. Other abbreviations you might see are "rcvd," "recv'd," "rec," "rcd" and "recd". Abbreviations are simply a way to shorten a word or phrase. They should be used sparingly and are best used in long, technical explanations and private writing, such as in a diary or journal. Authors are not advised to use them except in rare cases.

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I've sometimes used the abbreviation. Rec'd. Yes, because an apostrophe indicates contraction: missing letter(s) - in this case, the. e. i. v. and last. e. A writer would not want
Received could be abbreviated as rec'd. Thanks for the !
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You should put in the log the ITU zone (LZ district abbreviation) really transmitted by the other station.
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