What is an abbreviation for "suite"?


The word "suite" is abbreviated with STE according to guidelines established by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Use of this abbreviation in a mailing address is necessary when two or more offices share the same street number.

As part of efforts to deliver letters and packages in an efficient manner, the USPS maintains a list of secondary unit designations that can be used in mailing addresses. Office suites represent just one of the many possible options. Other examples of secondary unit designations used in business addresses include department (DEPT), building (BLDG) and space (SPC). Designations commonly used in residential addresses include apartment (APT), basement (BSMT) and trailer (TRLR).

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STE Ste.
The abbreviation or acronym for the word suite is STE.
I believe that you have the word as part of address that you use "Ste" and it's just the abbreviation for the type of accommodation then STE Source(s): http://www.all-acronyms.com
Suite can be abbreviated using "Ste. Did you need more abbreviations? !
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