What is the value of a 1965 Abraham Lincoln stamp?


I researched the value of a 1965 Abraham Lincoln stamp worth and have found the in mint condition it is worth $0.40 and in used condition it is worth $0,20.
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According to my research, the 4 Cent Abraham Lincoln Stamp is a
Kaycee, There have been a number of different 4c Lincoln stamps issued over the years, and there is not enough information in your question to identify which one you have. Assuming
Scott Number Unidentified. Most 1 cent stamps have a minimal value which indicates that the cost is in packaging and tracking and not the stamp itself. A dealer isn't going to be
It depends on which 4-cent Lincoln stamp you mean. There are at least six different ones. If yours looks like this: http://www.findyourstampsvalue.com/guest…. or this: http
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