What does the phrase "abrasive personality" mean?


Having an abrasive personality simply means that one of the parties in the relationship is being annoying, mean, or being a complete downer, resulting in a hostile environment. According to the dictionary definition, this behavior is considered to be overly aggressive. This is someone that has a tendency to cause conflict and to annoy someone else. There are different kinds of abrasive personalities like the blamer, the complainer, the shamer, the gossip, the drainer, and the discounter.
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An abrasive personality just means one has a tendancy to be annoying to someone resulting or causing a hostile feeling to whoever it is that one is annoying or causing enmity towards
An abrasive personality is a generally intelligent, analytical, hard worker who
Think of it as this. An abrasion, such a skin abrasion gets below the surface, hurts people, is cutting and causes people undue pain. An abrasive personality is one which is cutting
A person with a abrasive personality usually offends people, doesn't realize it, and don't take blame for any negative reactions. These types are usually brutal with their words so
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