ABS Lymphocytes?


Located in the vertebrate immune system, a lymphocyte is a type of white blood cell. When looking at these lymphocytes under a microscope, they are divided into two groups, large and small. Large lymphocytes are NK cells, and small lymphocytes are T cells and B cells. When having a test done and it comes back on the lower side for lymphocytes, this can be associated with infection or a test performed shortly after a surgery. For example, if the patient had HIV, this virus destroys the T cells. ABS lymphonctes are also called absolute lymphonctes.
Q&A Related to "ABS Lymphocytes?"
Viral infections can increase this number.
Hi. The absolute count is just at the upper limit and the percentage is mildly elevated. Any viral infection can cause this rise. Also chronic long standing infection leads to increase
White blood cells (WBC) or leuokocytes are soldiers in the blood that goes up when there's an infection. The normal upper limit is 10 so a 13.4 means he really has an infection. The
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