What does "absent parents" mean?


Absent parent is a legal term that describes the way some parents recount or fail to relate to their children. These parents are not the custodial parent, or the parent with whom a child lives. Instead, they are non-custodial parents who do not reside with the child.
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1. Interview the absent parent's extended family if possible. The relatives may know how to contact the person or have ideas about the location. If they are unwilling to cooperate
1. Explain regular business/work absences with consideration for the reasons. If the absence is predictable and regular, for example, business trips, tell your child when the other
Absent Parent - the parent (either the father or the mother) who is physically absent from
Usually by age 12 they can effectively understand the situation and give their own opinion on whether or not to see their absent parent.
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How to Find an Absent Parent
An absent parent often is defined as a person who has abandoned his children and the parent's whereabouts are unknown. Some states also have additional legal definitions, such as calling parents who do not physically live with the child "absent." There... More »
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