How many tons of A/C are required per square foot to cool a space adequately?


How many tons of A/C per square foot are needed in a home depends on several factors. You should figure the square footage of the area, then determine which heating/cooling zone of the US you live in. Most HVAC dealers have formulas to determine the right tonnage of a unit.
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1. Multiply the amount in short tons per square foot by 2,000 to convert the amount to pounds per square foot. For example, 5 short tons per square foot multiplied by 2,000 equals
You usually go by the theory 500 sq. ft per ton of air, but it also depends on how well the structure is insulated. If it is not insulated well then you will need to go with 400 sq.
It depends on the house layout plus insulation, windows, doors, number of occupants (we all give off body heat) single story or two story house. A 2 Ton A/C unit can normally handle
The average ton per square foot is 330 square
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