Accomplishments of Bartolomeu Dias?


Bartolomeo Dias was a Portuguese explorer who lived in the 1400s. His accomplishments include the discovery of a sea route around Africa which allowed more people to travel. His discovery contributed to the establishment of the Portuguese Empire in the 16th century.
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He was a Portuguese explorer who rounded Africa's Cape of Good Hope in search for a quicker way to Asia.
Bartolomeu Dias was famous for his quote "What now?" It is ironic.!
he was a gear that have many battery.
Bartolomeu Dias was a Portugese navigator
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Bartolomeu Dias
Bartolomeu Dias was a Portugese navigator whose 1487-88 Atlantic voyage around the southern tip of Africa opened sea routes between Europe and Asia. In 1486 King João II (King John II) assigned Dias, a member of the royal court, to command a voyage with... More »
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