What were the accomplishments of Princess Diana?


Princess Diana was most known for her campaigns against using land mines and helping victims of AIDS. Her physical contact with AIDS patients helped to reinforce and re-educate people that AIDS was not something that could be transmitted by touch. This helped people with AIDS to be treated with compassion instead of isolation. After her death, a memorial fund was set up that provides care for the sick in Africa, helps refugees, and is stopping the use of land mines.
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Princess Diana was very active in support of a Red Cross campaign to ban landmines. She also supported many charities related to homeless and deprived children, drug abuse, breast
In April 1987, the Princess of Wales was one of the first public
1 Learn about Diana's childhood. It pained her greatly to realize that her father desperately wanted a boy to carry on the family name. Though loved by her parents, they gave her
She provided England with an heir and a spare that's all a Princess of Wales needs to do to be successful. ( Produce Princes. She also made the UK fashion industry a LOT of money.
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Princess Diana
Lady Diana Frances Spencer was just 20 when she married Prince Charles, heir to the throne of Britain, on 29 July 1981. Her beauty and youthful charisma quickly earned Diana the nickname of "the people's princess." She and Charles had two... More »
Born: July 1, 1961, Norfolk, England
Died: August 31, 1997
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