Accomplishments of Princess Diana?


Princess Diana was most known for her campaigns against using land mines and helping victims of AIDS. Her physical contact with AIDS patients helped to reinforce and re-educate people that AIDS was not something that could be transmitted by touch. This helped people with AIDS to be treated with compassion instead of isolation. After her death, a memorial fund was set up that provides care for the sick in Africa, helps refugees, and is stopping the use of land mines.
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Princess of Wales Diana
Born: July 1, 1961
Birthplace: Norfolk, England
Died: August 31, 1997
Princess of Wales Diana was British royalty who was married to the Prince of Wale Charles. She died in a car crash at a young age and has become as well known in her death as in her life.
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Princess Diana accomplished many things in her lifetime. Probaby the most well know accomplishment for her was for her work with AIDS patients. While most people were afraid to be
What were Princess Diana's life accomplishments?
In April 1987, the Princess of Wales was one of the first public
Princess Diana is buried on the grounds of her family home which is named Althorp Park. She had passed away on August, 31st 1997 from injuries in a car accident.
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The title was one she gave to herself. This was then promulgated by the popular press. ...
Princess Diana was so special because she was kind, loving, helpful and spontaneous person to the world. Diana massively involved in charity work and often visited ...
Her full name is Diana Frances Spencer. ...
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