Acerola Cherries?


Acerola cherries are mainly found in the tropical climates of South American and Central American countries, as well as in parts of Mexico in North America. These cherries are relatively small compared to other types of cherries and bright red, producing a sweet juice that make it one of the sweetest cherries that can be found. However, there is a slight mix of sour in the flavor as well. Acerola cherries also have a high vitamin C content.
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The acerola cherry has alternative names. It is also commonly referred to as the West Indian cherry and the Barbados cherry. The California Rare Fruit Growers Organization states
acerola cherries.
The acerola cherry (Malpighia glabra) or Acerolla, also known as the Barbados cherry or wild crapemyrtle, native to the West Indies and northern South America, is also cultivated
You can get it in tablet/powder form at many health food and nutrition stores, normally as some sort of vitamin C supplement. You can also find freeze dried berry preparations that
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