Achievements of Mahatma Gandhi?


Mahatma Gahndi is considered to be one of the most accomplished men of the 20th century, with many notable achievements. Gahndi was a lawyer who studied in England and practiced his profession in South Africa, but eventually returned to his native India in a time of political strife. At the time, India was still a British colony and he helped the Indian people fight for their freedom through non-violent actions. He also struggled to bring democracy to India.
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He is primarily responsible for India's success in obtaining its independence from Britain without violence. He is considered to be the founder of the political philosophy of seeking'...
Ghandi led a group of people to the Indian Ocean to protest the price of salt. He was a non-violent protester.
Gandhi was assassinated in the grounds of Birla House in New Delhi while taking his nightly walk, on the 30th January 1948. Mahatma meaning 'Great Soul' was an honorific applied to
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