Acid Rain Facts for Kids?


Acid rain is a precipitation of acids that fall to Earth. Rotting vegetation can be a result of this and is released into the atmosphere. This can harm or impact environments.
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›Acid rain is the combination of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide from polluting clouds from nuclear reactor and other fossil fuels. › This then combines with oxygen
Acid rain carries the chemicals sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. There is also
Gaaah it buuurns! Aah it bu- *melts* Haha. Acid rain can corrode older buildings made of limestone and cause rust on metallic buildings which are not made stainless. Also, it kills
They don't teach them real information in schools anymore. They just teach them to hug trees.
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Acid rain is a childrens websites that contains stories, games and activities that children might enjoy. It is designed for children from grade 1 to grade 3 to ...
Acids which are contained in acid rain include sulphuric and nitric acids. Acid rain is any form of precipitation caused by emissions of carbon dioxide, sulphur ...
Acid rain happens when unusually large amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide collect in the atmosphere during cloud formation. This can be caused by man-made ...
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