How do you make an acknowledgment in a research paper?


To make an acknowledgement in a research paper, a writer should express thanks by using the full or professional names of the people being thanked and should specify exactly how the people being acknowledged helped. The acknowledgement should come at the beginning of a paper, after the table of contents and before the body of the article begins. It should use professional language that is consistent with the tone of the rest of the paper.

Acknowledgments are different than references. References are typically in-text citations of people or works that influenced the actual content of the paper. Acknowledgments are a simple expression of gratitude for support and inspiration throughout the research and writing process itself.

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1. Decide whom to thank. For a research paper, it is not important to thank friends, family members or colleagues who did not directly contribute to the development of your paper
You thank every contributor, e.g. "the authors would like to thank . for . valuable comments. hosting this research. making available the data. . And also funding: This work
Write a citation.….
Anywhere from a few days to a few months. A lot depends on how many co-authors you have, their personalities, and how much you're depending on them to do. I have papers that have
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