How to Get Rid of Leg Acne?


Acne on your legs is probably related to heat and abrasive clothing. The best treatment for acne is 2.6% benzoyl peroxide and gentle treatment of the area. Do not pick, harshly scrub or scrape the area. Use an unscented gentle cleanser and lotion.
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1. Clean the affected area with warm water. Pour some lemon juice onto a wash cloth and apply the lemon juice to the acne on your legs. Do this at night, before going to bed so that
Genetics/hormones are the leading cause, or occupational acne which is caused by exposure to
that is not acne. it is razor burns. you can put aloe on it several times a day until it goes away. aloe will also help with acne anywhere else on your body if you have it.
you might be getting the pimples from the razor you use. That is what happened to me so i switched my razor and i don't have blemishes on my legs anymore. Source(s) personal experience
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