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An acrostic poem is formed when a topic word is selected and then spelled vertically. Each of the beginning letters of the topic word are then used in a sentence to describe the topic word. An acrostic poem does not have to rhyme, but each line does need to relate to the topic word. An acrostic poem maker can help one walk through the process making a poem and some will even allow the product be printed off to be displayed.
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Acrostic Name Poems
An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message... More>>
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An acrostic poem is sometimes called a name poem. Often, when writing one of these poems, a name is used as the subject and each line begins with the letters in the name. So for instance
1. Write the name of your subject, letter by letter, down the left side of a piece of paper. Allow plenty of room between each letter so that you can play with ideas as you work.
1 Before jumping right ahead in the writing process, you should at least know what an acrostic poem is. To make an acrostic poem, you must have a strong title. You'll write the title
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An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line, when written vertically, spells out a word. This type of poem or writing is commonly done with ...
What are acrostics? Answer: An acrostic is a literary device in which the first letter, letters or syllables of a poem, paragraph or group of words spell out ...
An acrostic poem is when a word is spelled out.Then you write a poem using the first letter in each word. You can write an acrostic poem using the word honesty ...
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