How do you repair an acrylic bathtub?


Repairing the surface of an acrylic bathtub can be done at home without professional help. Since acrylic is a non-porous surface, it is easy to clean. The color of an acrylic tub goes all the way through the material so that a scratch can be buffed out without altering the color. To repair the surface, use 1500 grit sandpaper and remember to wet it first. After the scratch has been buffed out, a liquid polish can be applied to restore the original shine.
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1. Cut out the damaged area of the tub in a V-shape with the utility knife. 2. Prepare the bathtub repair kit’s filler paste per the directions included with the kit. 3. Put
The beautiful glossy surface of an acrylic bathtub is one of its most attractive features. Acrylic bathtubs, constructed of a vacuum-molded sheet of acrylic plastic that is both lightweight
Fiberglass bathtubs are the way to go, they are not only sturdy and strong, but last a long time and dont chip, stain or perish.
1. Close the water valves to the faucet to stop the water flow. 2. Remove the tub faucet's handle assembly by unscrewing the set screw in the side of the handle with your Allen wrench
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