How to Include Special Skills on a Job Application or Resume?


Filling out an application or resume can be stressful. When writing a job applicatoin or resume for acting, most employers will have a section to describe your special skills and talents. If not, you should include a cover letter with your resume which explains how your skills can benefit this job.
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1. Identify areas of computer use and software program expertise most relevant to the position you are applying for. List the software and operating systems you demonstrate proficiency
Well. languages and accents you know/can do. Do you know chinese or japanese or korean. etc? Do you dance? Name them. If you can sing, find out if ur an alto, mezzo soprano, soprano
Just as your headshot should be as professional as you can make it, so also you’ll want to spend time on your résumé to make it look attractive, clean, clear,
Some special skills you might put on a resume would be foreign
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